Tuition, Fees & Discounts

Queen of Peace High School has initiated a partnership with FACTS Management Company to assist in the management of our tuition payment program and financial aid assessment.  FACTS is used by many schools locally and over 6,500 schools nationally. This program offers greater efficiency for the school while providing convenience and transparency to our families.

2017-2018 Tuition Payment Plans – Current and new families will receive information on payment plans in February 2017.

Please note that every family needs to set up a payment plan through FACTS no later than May 1, 2017. Failure to set up your payment plan by May 1, 2017,  will cause a delay in processing which will result in larger payments over a shorter period of time. Please also note that we are unable to load any charges or credits (awards, aid) to your account until it has been established by you. Once set up, FACTS will facilitate collection of your monthly payments for next school year

Tuition and Fees: 2017-2018 

• Tuition $10,500
• Registration $250

Other Fees:

• Athletic Fee - 1st Sport/Additional - $100/$75
• Robotics Club - $100
• Dance Company - $100
• Drama - Fall Play/Musical - $50/$75
• Advanced Placement Testing - approximately $90 per test
• Dual Enrollment - $122 per course
• Graduation - $100

Family Discounts

• Multi-Student Discount for Second Student (while both attending) - $1,000
• Multi-Student Discount for Third Student (while all are attending) - $2,000
• Queen of Peace/St. Laurence Discount - $375 from each school while both students are attending

Prepaid/Full-Year Payment Discount

• A $300 tuition discount is awarded when full payment is received by May 1, 2017.

Woman of Peace Legacy Discount (Non-Renewable)

• A $500 tuition discount is awarded to an incoming frosh daughter of an alumna of Queen of Peace High School or Mount Assisi Academy.