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The Queen of Peace Counseling Department provides young women with the information, resources and support that enable them to make wise decisions essential to their academic, social, emotional, and spiritual growth in the context of their female adolescent experiences. Developmental guidance programs and individualized services offer students the opportunity to acquire self-awareness, academic and life management skills, and college and career planning.

Each Peace student is assigned to a counselor who serves as an advocate in all aspects of high school life. The counselor is in a unique position to develop relationships with students to monitor their overall well-being, maintain lines of communication with parents and teachers, and coordinate efforts on their behalf.

Counselors meet with students individually and in class groups to discuss a wide variety of teenage issues, standardized testing, education planning, course choices, and career and college opportunities.  Examples of issues addressed through the Counseling Department include transition to high school, academic success, self-esteem and self-image, healthy relationships, wise decision-making, conflict resolution, developing resilience, and living a healthy, balanced life as a young woman.

Lauren Corte Frosh/Sophomore Counselor
Terrie Boivin Junior/Senior Counselor







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